Pure olive oil.

The best olives grow from centuries-old olive trees and we elaborate with them the best extra virgin olive oil.

Dolmen just offers extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. An olive oil for those who look for pure tastes.

We elaborate the olive oil in our own olive-oil mill. We control the growing and the collecting and we apply innovation in the extraction, pampering each bottle. Additives and preservatives are not added by us, because only in this way we get an extra virgin olive oil with all its sensory characteristic and its health benefits.

aceite de oliva dolmen de lácara

About us

Olive culture

We were born in an olive trees land. We are a familiar company with an old olive tradition. Olive oil is our passion, our culture and our way of life.

We have learnt through decades the field values and its products awareness. Because of that our olive oil is a tribute to our ancestors – who taught us – and to our land, which gives us a lot.


Region of Lácara: olive land for hundreds of years ago.

Located in the southwest of Iberian Peninsula between Sierra de San Pedro and Vegas Bajas del Guadiana is found the region of Lácara. It is a fertile land in which you can find the Guadiana river, the rivera of Lácara and a place bathed by the Sun and propitious for the cultivation of the olive tree.

This land has been witness of the human History. Arqueological sites like Dolmen of Lácara tell us that human being has live here since Stone Age.

Between olive trees and holm oaks, we still can find some wild olive trees, the first kind of olive trees used to produce olive oil in this region hundreds of years ago.

We are proud to work in this region and carrying on an ancient tradition.


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If you come to know Extremadura you have to visit to the Dolmen of Lácara. It is one of the most important Neolithic sites of the Iberian Peninsula.

Come with us and live this experience.


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